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Killzone: Shadow Fall Review: Shot Taken

When the PlayStation 4 launched in mid-November, there were very few exclusive titles ushering in the new age of the Sony game system. In fact, Knack and Killzone: Shadow Fall were the only first party exclusives available on launch day,…  Read More
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Killzone 3 Career Progression Part 1: Engineer

With Killzone 3 hitting stores this week, Sony is kicking off a 5-part series of videos that highlight each of the career classes you’ll get to choose from when playing the multiplayer component of the game. The first class on display… Read More

Killzone 3 is Gold; Helghast Edition Detailed

Sony and Guerrilla Games this morning announced Killzone 3 for Playstation 3 has gone gold in anticipation of it February 22 release date. In addition to wrapping up the sought-after sequel, Sony announced a variety of pre-order specials… Read More

Killzone 3 Release Date is February 22, 2011

Sony used PAX this past weekend to announce the official release date for Guerrilla Games’ hot sequel Killzone 3 will be available in stores exclusive on PS3 starting February 22, 2011. A multiplayer demo was available to play on the… Read More

See the Killzone 3 Gameplay Trailer

Who needs to wait until E3 2010 for some big game reveals? Certainly not Sony who last night on Spike TV released a part cut-scene, part gameplay trailer for Guerrilla Games’ upcoming PS3 sequel Killzone 3. The Killzone 3 trailer is set… Read More

See the Killzone 3 Teaser Trailer

The first public look at Killzone 3 for PS3 came today when Sony and Guerrilla Games released the official teaser trailer. The trailer, which is confirmed to be built from in-game assets and not pre-rendered footage, emphasizes the expansion… Read More