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Dexter Season 6 Featurette Introduces the New Blood

New blood is coming to Dexter season 6 and it will be up to the Miami Police blood splatter specialist to sort out who’s a friend to pat on the back, and who’s a threat to put on the table. Showtime has released a new featurette called… Read More

New Dexter Season 6 Promo Wears Wings

Dexter Morgan may be answering to a higher power based on the latest promotional video Showtime has released for Dexter season 6. The spot, titled ‘Thank God,’ shows Dexter in a church amongst a collection of religious statues… Read More

Dexter Hires a New Nanny in Season 6

Out with the old and in with the young. Dexter Morgan has hired a new nanny that will help take care of his young son Harrison throughout the Showtime show’s sixth season, replacing Maria Doyle Kennedy as Sonya. Joining Dexter as the new… Read More