New Dexter Season 6 Promo Wears Wings

Dexter Morgan may be answering to a higher power based on the latest promotional video Showtime has released for Dexter season 6.

The spot, titled ‘Thank God,’ shows Dexter in a church amongst a collection of religious statues and artifacts. He questions the existence of his dark passenger and whether he serves a “higher purpose,” then in a flash the room is a crime scene and Matsuka says, “Dex, thank God you’re here.” This all while Hallelujah plays softly in the background.

Piecing together this promo and two of the new characters joining the cast offers some indication of where Dexter season 6 is headed. My speculation is that a gruesome murder – or murders – will occur with religious ties. The investigation will require the assistance of Edward James Olmos’ religious studies professor, and subsequently point toward one of the professor’s students played by Colin Hanks.

Further speculating, during this investigation is when Dexter will be formally introduced to the world of religion and ponder whether his dark passenger was sent from above to rid the world of pure evil. He might also look toward religion as a guiding force in young Harrison’s life, his son who Dexter fears may end up having his own dark passenger after being potentially born in blood like this father.

What makes the speculation fun is not how the season might progress but where it might end up. It’s hard to imagine the season 6 finale having Dexter become a devout religious believer and all is well in his world. A happy ending was already spent at the conclusion of season 5.

Dexter season 6 is expected to premiere on Showtime in mid-to-late September. I’ll pass along the finalized premiere date once its released.

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