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Basement Crawl Review: What? Why?

In the early stages of a new console, there will be some misses among the hits. Basement Crawl, by developer Bloober Team, is that game for the PlayStation 4. The gameplay is essentially a Bomberman clone that uses an evil…  Read More
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Knack Review: Could Have Been

Launch games are unique games in and of themselves. Usually, they are ports of existing titles, and there are usually a few new titles that serve the sole purpose to show off the new power and features of the new…  Read More
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Crytek’s Kingdoms E3 Trailer

I was watching Starz’ Spartacus: Blood and Sand a couple months ago and thinking how cool it would be to have an appropriately graphic Gladiator-based video game. That wish may still be a long shot, but the next best thing might be on the… Read More