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The Incredibles Blu-ray Review

Pixar and Disney's The Incredibles is the superhero movie that Fox's Fantastic Four looks up to from several miles beneath. It's the brightest star in director Brad Bird's strong body of work, a simple family of superheroes concept spun into…  Read More
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Josh Holloway Joins Mission Impossible 4

It was only a matter of time before Lost veteran television actor Josh Holloway scored a big movie deal and no surprise that deal is associated with Lost co-creator J.J. Abrams. Holloway has signed on to Paramount’s Mission Impossible… Read More

Jeremy Renner to Co-Star in Mission Impossible 4

Paramount Pictures has ended their exhaustive search for the man that will co-star alongside Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 4. According to Deadline, a deal has been reached with Jeremy Renner that will see him play a new operative on Cruise’s… Read More