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First Batman Arkham City Gameplay Trailer

Rocksteady Games and Warner Bros. Interactive have moved their teases for Batman Arkham Asylum from static images to the video realm. After watching the first gameplay footage below via IGN, you’ll want to congratulate them. The mostly… Read More

Batman Arkham Asylum $15 Today Only at Amazon

Earlier today the first teaser trailer (and I emphasize “tease”) for Batman Arkham City hit the Internet with the caped crusader taking on a squad of spec ops troops. Whether by irony or clever planning, the first game in the series… Read More

Batman Arkham City to Include Multiplayer

Now that the sequel to Batman Arkham Asylum for PS3 and Xbox 360 has a name and we’ve seen the first images from the game, what can we expect in terms of gameplay evolution? According to the magazine PSM3, Batman Arkham City will venture… Read More