Arrow Season 2 Episode 213 ‘Heir to the Demon’ Review and Recap 6 Qs

Arrow Season 2 Episode 213 'Heir to the Demon' Review and Recap 6 QsArrow’s latest was an anticipated episode that delivered, but didn’t quite knock me out. Nyssa al Ghul is a great character that I hope to see more (much more) of, and Oliver Queen’s world just got shook up more than even he realizes. ‘Heir to the Demon’ worked to create the shake up, because that’s what an al Ghul likes to do, apparently, but the real meat and potatoes that we have come to expect were served flavorless and a little cold.

Arrow as a series always bounces back, and I will expect no less. The parts are in place, and I can see the end of this season being more brutal than the end of last season. An episode like this is the stacking of the dominoes and soon, they will all fall down.

1. What is it?

Arrow Season 2, episode #213, titled ‘Heir to the Demon.’

2. Who’s in it?

Stephen Amell stars as Oliver Queen/Arrow; Katie Cassidy as Laurel Lance; David Ramsey as John Diggle; Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak; Willa Holland as Thea Queen; Susanna Thompson as Moira Queen; Paul Blackthorne as Quentin Lance; Manu Bennett as Slade Wilson; Guest stars this week include Caity Lotz as Sara; Katrina Law as Nyssa al Ghul; Colin Salmon as Walter; Kevin Alejandro as Sebastian Blood; Nicholas Lea as Mark Francis; and Alex Kingston as Dinah Lance.

Arrow Season 2 Episode 213 'Heir to the Demon' Review and Recap 6 Qs

3. Who made it?

‘Heir to the Demon’ was written by Jake Coburn. The episode was directed by Wendey Stanzler

4. What is it about? (**spoilers galore**)

‘Heir to the Demon’ opens with a mysterious woman clearing customs at Starling City International Airport. When the TSA is alerted to an ARGUS restriction on her passport, the woman singlehandedly kills all of the TSA agents around and then goes about her day.

At Queen Consolidated, Mark Francis (Lea) and Walter (Salmon) are prepping Moira (Thompson) for her Mayoral run. Felicity (Rickards) discovers some shady money dealings and tells Walter about. Walter promises to look into it. Mark also asks Oliver (Amell) to end his relationship with Sebastian Blood (Alejandro). Ollie gets a call and he leaves in a hurry.

In the hospital, Laurel (Cassidy)–recovering from her spill at the end of the last episode–is visited by Quentin (Blackthorne) and her mother, Dinah (Kingston). Ollie comes in and makes sure that Laurel is okay. Once alone, Laurel tells her father that she saw Sara (Lotz).

Ollie goes to the Arrow cave and confronts Sara, who is ready to leave town again. Quentin calls Arrow and asks to speak to his daughter.

Father and daughter meet at a coffee shop and Quentin tries to talk her into staying around. Sara refuses as the League is still after her. As she leaves the coffee shop, she is confronted by the mysterious woman, Nyssa al Ghul, who then proceeds to make out with her. It seems that they were lovers in the League and Nyssa begs Sara to come back.

Arrow Season 2 Episode 213 'Heir to the Demon' Review and Recap 6 Qs

Felicity decides to confront Moira with the news that she has figured out Thea’s lineage. She begs Moira to tell Oliver, and she refuses. Felicity says that someone should tell him, and Moira threatens that Oliver will hate Felicity if she tells him.

Nyssa and Sara have a moment and Sara tells Nyssa that she no longer loves her. Nyssa, upset, slips into the shadows.

At the Arrow Cave, Diggle (Ramsey) informs all that Laurel was poisoned and that she was a target by the League of Shadows. Ollie and Sara suit up as their respective alter-egos and go to the hospital to protect her just as the League kidnaps Dinah from the hallway outside Laurel’s room. They follow on the Arrow Cycle and Nyssa is able to best Canary and get away with Dinah.

Nyssa calls Sara and tells her that she will soon learn what it feels like to lose someone you love. Quentin storms off to get his ex-wife back.

Diggle and Felicity find out the poison used on Laurel was taken from a snake from the local zoo. They use the CCTV cameras to begin tracing the source.

Arrow Season 2 Episode 213 'Heir to the Demon' Review and Recap 6 Qs

Sebastian Blood confronts Moira and promises to ruin her if she runs against him. She is not deterred. She calls herself, “one who should not be underestimated.”

Quentin, Sara and Arrow all confront the League member who stole the poison, but he kills himself before he can give up where Dinah is being held.

The next day, Oliver is to introduce his mother as she declares her intention to run for Mayor. Ollie notices that Felicity is acting strange and when he confronts her, she tells him about Thea. Oliver then has to take the stage and introduce his mother, weighed down by the fact that she is a lying, conniving evil woman. He plays it cool and all seems well.

Sara tells Nyssa that she will go back with her if she lets her mother go. Nyssa agrees and Sara calls Quentin for help–as long as he doesn’t tell the Arrow.

Ollie goes to the Arrow cave and realizes that Sara has taken the poison sample. Diggle and Felicity question why Ollie is afraid that Sara will kill Nyssa, and Ollie explains that if an al Ghul dies, the ramifications from Ra’s al Ghul could destroy them all.

At the docks, Sara exchanges herself with her mother and then collapses, having taken the poison herself. Nyssa–beside herself with rage–tries to take it out on Quentin and Dinah just as Arrow shows up. The Demon’s Heir and the Emerald Archer duke it out with a spectacular duel via arrows and bows, and Sara staggers into their fight, begging Arrow not to kill Nyssa. She then dies and Arrow is able to bring her back to life with the antidote he brought along. Nyssa then releases Sara from the League of Shadows and then disappears.

Arrow Season 2 Episode 213 'Heir to the Demon' Review and Recap 6 Qs

Laurel shows up and sees her sister alive and well. The Laurel family is together again.

Oliver confronts his mother and tells her that they no longer have a relationship, due to her lies and deceits.

Laurel goes to her apartment to find her entire family together. Instead of being happy, she pours herself a drink and demands that Sara leave, as she blames her for every single thing that has gone wrong in their lives.

Sebastian Blood and Slade Wilson (Bennett) discuss their next steps in the mayoral race and Slade chastises Blood for underestimating Moira Queen. When Blood asks what he should do, Slade says, “Nothing. I’ll take care of it.” He then grabs his jacket and leaves.

Arrow Season 2 Episode 213 'Heir to the Demon' Review and Recap 6 Qs

Sara and Ollie have a moment at the Arrow cave, and Sara says that she is home. She and Oliver then begin to make out passionately.

The subplot this week focused entirely on the relationship between Laurel and Sara leading up to the day that Sara sets sail with Oliver Queen on his ill-fated cruise. Here we see the Lance family–intact and happy–and we see the levels of jealousy that the sisters hold for one another. It was interesting to see Quentin looking young, spry and happy. This aside serves to help flesh out the events at the end of the episode and to set up the Lance family drama moving forward. It also begs to mention that Katie Cassidy looked atrocious acting as her younger self. Please, Katie, eat a pizza or two.

5. Any revelations, tie-ins, easter eggs, etc.? (**SPOILER!**)

Nothing special. Mentions of Ra’s al Ghul and Nanda Parbat.

6. Will we watch next week?

Oh sure. The end of this episode saw one family brought together and the other torn apart. The status quo has forever been changed, and Oliver’s life is going to get even crazier than before. It will be much easier for Slade Wilson to take out all that Ollie cares about–as he threatened at the end of ‘Three Ghosts’–if Ollie’s life is that chaotic. As I seem to say each week here, things are getting interesting.

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