When Cloverfield Ate George Lucas in Resident Evil 5: The District 9 Trailer

Sony’s District 9 trailer has touched down and I feel like I’ve just been attacked by Clones.

What exactly is District 9? Judging by the trailer, District 9 is a quarantined area in South Africa where an alien species decided to park — or was forced to park because apparently Africa is the rest of the world’s dumpster — their giant spaceship. The scene looks like something out of Capcom’s Resident Evil 5 game as a special branch of the military patrol the cordoned off zone and suppress any threats to the outside world.

Apparently these aliens not cooperating with us humans and the entire conflict or “event” hinted at is chronicled by a videographer (reporter?) ala Cloverfield so what happened is not forgotten in a cover up. Blair Witch, Quarantine and Cloverfield taught us the cameraman’s odds of surviving to the end credits in a “reality” movie stand at approximately nil. He has my condolences already.

What really jumps out in this trailer is an interview with an actual alien. I don’t find it strange that the alien’s face is pixelated to hide his identity (re: keep that a secret). What’s hilarious is that everything else about the alien reeks of the Geonosians from Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. Not only does what you can see look suspiciously like a Geonosian but their gargling and clicking language is damn near identical. Did Peter Jackson owe George Lucas a favor? See/hear for yourself:

District 9 lands in theaters this August. Despite my snarky remarks count me in for a viewing as there’s definitely potential for this story to go in any number of directions.

Check out the HD version over at Apple.com.

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