Skylanders Swap Force Characters Infiltrate Amazon Video Games Bestsellers Chart

Skylanders Swap Force Characters Infiltrate Amazon Video Games Bestsellers ChartSkylanders Swap Force made its long awaited debut today and brought the power of “swapability” to the mega franchise.

As with any new Skylanders game there are new characters, and already we’re getting an idea of which of those characters are more popular than others. If Activision and Vicarious Visions intended the introduction of Swap Zones to sell additional Swap Force Skylanders then they should be happy with the early results.

According to Amazon’s video games bestsellers chart, eight of the top 20 bestseller slots are currently inhabited by figures from the new game. The top three within that list are all Swap Force Skylanders: Rattle Shake at position 8, Magna Charge at position 9, and Hoot Loop at position 11. Free Ranger is down in position 13, which is a shame considering he’s a ton of fun to play with even if his aesthetics aren’t the most pleasing.

The most popular non-Swap Force Skylander is LightCore Smolderdash in position 12. She’s followed by Roller Brawl in position 14, LightCore Star Strike in position 16 and LightCore Grim Creeper in position 18. Activision was wise to release LightCore versions of some popular new characters first rather than after the non-LightCore versions hit stores. Star Strike and Smolderdash are two of the coolest new characters and right now the only way to get them is as their LightCore variant.

We’ll keep an eyes on these Skylanders Swap Force sales statistics and pass along any others released in the coming days.

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