Skate 2 Guide: Challenges, Pool and Spot Locations

Skate 2 has recently hit stores exclusively for PS3 and Xbox 360 as the sequel to EA’s popular answer to Tony Hawk skateboarding series, Skate.

As with the first Skate game, there are a lot of hidden locations and achievements or trophies to be had. Some are not easy to figure out or find which is where this guide comes into play.

Below are instructions to complete the Skate 2 challenges, open all the locations, find all the Spots and all the Pools. It won’t be easy even with this cheats guide so you’ll need to put your best foot forward… literally.

Instructions to open up the Skate 2 challenges.

“Blaow!” Challenge
Locate the two arrows and then pump and hold the right trigger on the opposite quarter pipe. This will give you enough air and speed to pull off a trick on the gap tranny with the right trigger.

“Can You Spell Girl?” Challenge
Continuously start this challenge over until Eric Koston takes a fall. All you need to do is loops of 540’s by pressing the left and right analog stick in the same direction.

“Dunk Slam” Challenge
You only need one of the two ramps for this. Place one ramp just in front of the backboard. Place your set marker as far away from the ramp as possible up in the tunnel. Then when approaching the ramp at top speed, hit the right bumper just before hitting the ramp and you should grab it. Press up as you hit the ramp and hold it until you let go and head skyward.

“Vert with the Vampire” Challenge
You’ll need to build speed and air by going back and forth on the “vert” with ollies. Hold the right trigger to perform a tranny on the window side and then let go when the tranny ends. You should continue up the wall.

“Who Lives Here?” challenge
Find the kicker you need to land on to complete this challenge. You will need to move it to the right in order to land in the correct spot.

Requirements to open up Skate 2 locations.

Draining The Dam
You must complete all the Thrasher magazine challenges to unlock where the Thrasher magazine shot is.

Etnies Park
You must win all of the street challenges.

Megaramp Stadium
You must win all of the Tranny contests.

Skate Plaza
First you must get sponsored. Then access your phone contact list and select “Team Film Challenges.” Complete all of these challenges which will unlock a demo session with Rob Dyrdek to raise money for a new park. You will now be able to buy Skate Plaza for a cool $200,000.

Locations for the Skate 2 pools. The letter and number represent grid coordinates on the map.

  • Community Pool: left of E and 3
  • Do-Drop Inn Pool: middle of E-F and just below 3
  • G.E.D. High Pool: right of E and 4
  • Old Pool: D and just above 4
  • Party Pool: E and the middle of 3-4
  • Poop Deck Pool: D 8
  • Think Pink Pool: middle of C-D and middle of 3-4

Locations for Skate 2 Spots. As with pools, the letter and number represent grid coordinates on the map.

  • Alphabet: left of E and middle of 4-5
  • Books: slightly right of E and middle of 4-5
  • Bus Stop: right of C and slightly below 4
  • By The Bridge: middle of D-E and 6
  • Getting Technical: E and above 7
  • Glass Awning: dlightly right of B and 5
  • Lilypads: dlightly left of D and below 7
  • Manny Hop Set: left of C and slightly above 8
  • Mini-Mega Redux: left of E and 4
  • No Need For Speed: middle of B-C and below 4
  • Off Street: dlightly left of E and middle of 6-7
  • Poop Deck Pool: D 8
  • Razor’s Edge: left of C and middle of 6-7
  • Rock The Gap: middle of B-C and just below 4
  • Stink Pit: middle of A-B and 5
  • Swiss Cheese Moon: middle of C-D and 8
  • The Statue: slightly right of A and middle of 6-7
  • The Wall: middle of D-E and 3
  • Thrice the Hubba: left of E and 5
  • Urban Curves: slightly right of E and just below 3
  • Welcome Hut: right of B and 4
  • Winged Bench: slightly left of C and above 5

Last but not least is the Mongo Push, accomplished by pushing A if your right foot is in the lead or X if your left foot is in the lead.

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