Intellivision Shares ‘Space Strikers’ Gameplay

Intellivision Space Strikers Gameplay

A primary function of the upcoming Intellivision Amico video game console is to bring families together on the couch with in-person cooperative and adversarial gameplay.

With this in mind it’s beyond fitting that a small development house in Germany called “Couch in the Woods” is working on at least one new Amico exclusive title.

That title is called Space Strikers and it’s clearly a throwback to multiplayer arcade games of yesteryear. Check out a recently revealed gameplay demo:

Before you wonder, no, Space Strikers is not coming out on PC, too. Most video games are developed on PC’s and per Amico CEO Tommy Tallarico the Couch in the Woods team did not have enough Amico controllers to run the game on the Amico console.

Space Strikers certainly looks fun, if simplistic. It could use more variety and customization to personalize matches beyond the default settings. Want longer light trails? Change and save the setting to personal profiles. How about slowing it down for newcomers or speeding it up for the quick fingered? Same deal.

Look for more Space Strikers bits to be revealed in the months ahead, and look for the Amico to be available to own starting October 10th, 2021.

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