Ridley Scott Says Alien Prequel Script is Complete

Yesterday at the L.A. Times Hero Complex Film Festival, director Ridley Scott offered an update on his anticipated Alien Prequel project.

Per Scott, a script for the Alien prequel has been completed with work currently underway to prep the film for shooting. As he’s previously confirmed, the film will take place well before the events of Alien and finally answer the mystery of who the massive Space Jockey is/came from. The reason for setting the film far enough before Alien is to make sure there’s room for not one planned prequel, but two.

“If you explain who he was and where he came from, then that will deal with the savagery of this version, which will be pretty savage,” Scott said of the Space Jockey. “Then you may want to find out where they came from, the place where his people come from.”

“The first Alien was honestly The Old Dark House — seven people in the old dark house with a visitor, Scott continued. “This will go further into the world of terraforming. We’re thinking about doing it. In fact, if Kennedy had been allowed to continue his space program, we’d probably be on Mars now with a population of nine-thousand people. That’s how far we should have gone.”

I only hope we don’t fall into a Star Wars scenario where this prequel looks far more advanced and full of CGI compared to the original Alien. Don’t fall for the technology trap, Ridley!

Source: FearNet

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