New High Resolution ‘Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas’ Screenshots

In order to provide a greater sense of freedom in ‘Rainbow Six’s’ jump to the next generation on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, Ubisoft has developed a new Observe, Plan and Assault (O.P.A.) system serving as a guide for how best to handle a hostile situation.

Before blazing into a room against armed terrorists, players will be well advised to observe the surroundings and tactical situation first. The tools offered for stealth observation include Rappelling / Invert-Rappelling, Picture-in-Picture, Taking Cover, Vision goggles / modes, and the Snake Cam.

Once a situation is fully understood, it becomes time to Plan a course of action. Planning includes what weapons, point of entry and tactics to use; as well as timing and exit strategies. With Vegas’ fate on the clock, there’s little time to second guess.

With planning in place comes the final Assault. Early on as gamers adjust to the new situations, Assaults may not always go to Plan and may result in changing Plans on the fly. ‘Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas’ is currently in development and will be available this Fall.

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