Intellivision Amico ‘Breakout’ Gameplay and Office Tour Videos

Intellivision Amico Breakout Gameplay

Intellivision CEO Tommy Tallarico is back with a couple new videos that offer new looks at the Intellivision Amico home gaming console software and a behind-the-scenes look at the hardware.

A just over 7-minute Breakout gameplay video showcases the remade Atari classic’s visuals as much as its audio. Pay attention to how the balls hitting the blocks create new beats on top of the base rhythms. Players are as much their own accidental composers as they are trying to reach the finish line and next stage.

Tommy also provides a tour of the Intellivision offices via his personal YouTube channel where staff appear to slowly be making their  way back in from quarantine.

The latter bits offer the most insight as Tommy shows off parts for the hand-made dev kits that developers utilize to make Amico games.

As you might expect Tommy’s office is full of incredibly cool stuff including a Han in Carbonite life-size statue outside the door. Hopefully he can shine an orange light on it from below.

We’ve hit the middle of February which means the current planed mid-April launch for Intellivision’s Amico is roughly 60 days away. That is assuming there are no further delays, and in this COVID-19 environment all bets are off.

Look for an Intellivision update regarding the console launch later this week.

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