Mel Gibson Will Not Cameo in The Hangover 2

Only a couple days ago Mel Gibson signed for an appearance in Todd Phillips’ The Hangover 2 as a tattoo artist. He was to be the big “cameo” in the film, the Mike Tyson role from the original without the use of his real name.

That casting did not sit well with several members of the cast and crew prompting Warner Bros. to scrap those plans per The Wrap.

“I thought Mel would have been great in the movie,” Phillips said in a statement released today. “And I had the full backing of [WB president] Jeff Robinov and his team. But I realize filmmaking is a collaborative effort, and this decision ultimately did not have the full support of my entire cast and crew.”

One of those not offering his support was Zach Galifianakis, the outspoken co-star who went public with his displeasure in Gibson’s casting. He told audiences on Comedy Death-Ray Radio that he was protesting the decision with Warner Bros. but not making any leeway. Turns out his cries, and those of others were heard.

Phillips will have to act quickly to either recast the role or rewrite the scenes Mel would have appeared in. Maybe he’ll surprise us with another unexpected cameo of the non-fictional variety i.e. Tyson.

The Hangover 2 begins production in roughly two weeks and will be released theatrically on May 26, 2011.

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