High resolution NBA 2K7 Xbox 360 screenshots

The second generation of next-gen basketball on Xbox 360 gives Visual Concepts a chance to refine some of the graphical inconsistencies found in “NBA 2K6.” I was often bothered by the heavenly halo on players” bodies, the beads of sweat that never seemed to change and photo-realistic player models coming close but ultimately falling short of expectations.

These high resolution E3 Xbox 360 screenshots from “NBA 2K7” address all three of those issues and offer a vast improvement in overall visual style. Beads of sweat have been combined with a streaming effect found in last year’s “NBA Live 07” for a more robust sweat engine ” the ongoing fad in next-gen sports titles. Player models are much closer to reality, especially the Diesel’s massive frame and Rip Hamilton’s infamous face shield. And that ungodly halo has been turned down a notch so players don’t look like saints running up and down the court.

We’ll be going hands-on with “NBA 2K7” later today and will offer our first impressions shortly thereafter.

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