EA Reveals Spielberg Game Details

Electronic Arts and Steven Spielberg have released a few details on the pairing’s two secretive video games, right on the cusp of unveiling them at E3. Codenamed ‘LMNO’ and ‘PQRS,’ the games mark Spielberg’s first (and probably not last) foray in the world of developing video games.

‘LMNO’ is currently in development for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and the PC. It has been described as a “contemporary action adventure” starring a partner female character who dynamically evolves over the course of the game, dependent upon the decisions and actions of the player.

‘PQRS’ is currently in development exclusively for Nintendo Wii and will utilize the Wii Remote to maneuver blocks in “various ways.” EA hints ‘PQRS’ will be much more complex than typical puzzle games already available. “Of course just playing with blocks does not a game make,” said Neil Young, general manager of EA’s Los Angeles studio. “Now imagine there are up to 50 different properties that can be associated with them. They can explode or form a chemical reaction.”

Look for more information on these two new titles in the weeks ahead.

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