Disney Infinity Toy Box Trailer and Screens Create New Worlds

Disney Infinity Toy Box Trailer and Screens Create New WorldsOne of the big draws to the upcoming Disney Infinity video game is the Toy Box mode and its set of creation tools that allows players young and old to create their own worlds using Disney inspired landscapes, vehicles and characters. The best way to understand how Toy Box works is to see it in action, which is why Disney has released a new video and screenshots relating to the mode.

This particular Disney Infinity Toy Box trailer focuses on the logic editor tools and the environments that can be created from scratch and manipulated with a few clicks of the controller. Worlds on display include a floating race track, a pirate-centric landscape, and Cinderella’s castle with rings of fire.

Exploring these worlds is one thing, but where the fun really lies is the ability to create and participate in games within them. Racing will be a popular sport within Toy Box mode given the Cars figure characters and Power Disc rides including Cinderella’s carriage and Woody’s horse, Bullseye. Arcade games and obstacle courses can also be built, in addition to a variety of sports including basketball and soccer.

There will be a learning curve for kids, especially younger ones, so parents won’t want to dump them in front of Disney Infinity without providing some assistance. If Toy Box works as advertised, kids’ imaginations will be running wild once they learn to master the logic editor and creation tools at their disposal.

Watch the new Disney Infinity Toy Box mode video below, then head to Disney Infinity Tox Box at Disney Infinity Characters to see the screenshots and learn everything you could want to know about the game.

Disney Infinity comes to Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, Wii, and 3DS on August 18.

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