Additional New Super Mario Bros. U Features Reveal Nabbit and P-Acorn

Additional New Super Mario Bros. U Features Reveal Nabbit and P-AcornThe Acorn Suit is sure to become a favorite when New Super Mario Bros. U helps launch Nintendo’s Wii U on November 18. Gliding through the air is a blast, but it only lasts for a short period of time. What if the Suit lasted an entire level?

Nintendo has revealed a handful of additional New Super Mario Bros. U features and one of them will accomplish whole level flight. In order to take flight you will need to catch a speedy creature called the Nabbit on the World Map. I suspect it will be similar to catching the rabbits in Super Mario 64. It turns out the Nabbit is a thief and has swiped items from Toad, one of which is the P-Acorn which will grant you flight throughout an entire level of the game. It is my understanding that the Nabbit will appear in frequently and, if caught, will always hand over a P-Acorn.

New Super Mario Bros. U will also feature a challenge mode that requires to complete specific objectives. Some examples given are completing a level without touching the ground or a coin. Four challenges are available for solo players: Time Attack, 1-Up Rally, Coin Collection and Specials.

Another challenge, Boost Mode, is available for two players only. As you might have already guessed, one player uses the GamePad and the other a Wii Remote.

In Coin Battle, up to five players have one goal: to see who can collect the most coins. What’s cool about this mode is the GamePad can be used to customize courses by selecting where each coin is placed.

The last new feature announced we already knew about and that’s the continuous World Map. This map will include secret exits that will cause the map to change and secret passages to appear.

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