‘1080° Snowboarding’ Shreds onto Wii Shop Channel

The Nintendo 64 classic 1080° Snowboarding is the lone new game on Wii Shop Channel this week, following a long stretch of at least two, though usually three, new games offered every week.

1080° Snowboarding will be available for purchase at 9 a.m. Pacific time today, January 28. Be sure to have 1,000 Wii Points handy in order to download the game.

1080° SNOWBOARDING (N64, 1-2 players): Hit the slopes for some serious shredding in one of the first truly realistic snowboarding games ever created! Start in the lodge and select from five characters, each with his/her own particular attributes and special tricks. Then take a look at the wide assortment of available boards and choose one that best suits your rider and style. Once you’ve got the gear, six different modes of play, including Match Race, Trick Attack, and 2-Player Versus, await. Pick a course and get ready to experience a sensation of speed that’ll make you forget all about the cold”but it might just send a shiver down your spine. Throw in hidden characters and boards, varying weather and snow conditions, multiple paths through each course, and a variety of tricks to master”topped off with rock-solid play control”and you’ve got a recipe for winter fun that you can enjoy any time of the year. It’s all the fun and excitement of the sport, without the bruises and frostbite!

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