New Jurassic World Trailer Brings Dino Terror by Land, Sea and Air

Universal followed up this past weekend’s trio of Jurassic World posters with a new Jurassic World trailer earlier today. As befitting anything Jurassic Park associated the new trailer is packed full of dinosaurs with a smattering of plot to go along with them.

In Jurassic World the dinosaurs will be attacking by land, sea and air. It also appears as though they’ll be directed on the “battlefield” by the genetically-created Indominus Rex, a new breed of dinosaur designed to boost attendance and profit margins that gets loose and turns out to be a heck of a lot smarter than anyone thought it would. Will Indominus Rex become the “Caesar” of the dinosaurs and spark a revolution against humanity by eating everyone in sight? The mind races with possibilities based on what this trailer reveals.

As expected there’s an abundance of CGI dinosaurs on display including Indominus Rex, Chris Pratt’s trained velociraptors, the massive Mosasaurus, and a small fleet worth of Pterodactyls who move swiftly through the park and woods in search of prey. I’m sure there are animatronic beasts as well to counterbalance all the CGI, and hopefully those money shots and hair-raising close encounters are being kept out of marketing materials on purpose.

Jurassic World is directed by Colin Trevorrow, executive-produced by Steven Spielberg, and stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. The fourth film in the franchise stomps into theaters on June 12.

New Jurassic World Trailer

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