Skylanders Trap Team High Five Figure Awarded in New Frito-Lay Contest

Activision and Toys for Bob have selected the winner in the Skylanders “Choose and Name a New Hero” promotion and simultaneously kicked off a new Frito-Lay contest that will award select participants a Skylanders Trap Team High Five figure in conjunction with the announcement.

The winner of the Skylanders “Choose and Name a New Hero” promotion is Phylicia Nakamoto, from Elk Grove, California. Phylicia scores a cool $100,000 scholarship as well as bragging rights that she came up with the High Five name for the new core Skylander dragonfly character.

Activision also confirmed what we already knew, that all three of the characters in the “Choose and Name a New Hero” promotion with Frito-Lay are being made into figures for Skylanders Trap Team. The other two are Bat Spin and Flip Wreck, the former of which you can see in a Skylanders Trap Team menu from our hands-on time with the game at Toys for Bob.

Since High Five was the technical winner of the promotion, Activision and Frito-Lay are teaming up once again to offer Portal Masters opportunities to win High Five by purchasing specially marked bags of Skylanders-thematic Frito-Lay variety packs between now and December 31, 2014. Entry in the contest is achieved by downloading a free Blippar app to your mobile phone, scanning the back of a variety bag and filling out all the information the app requests.

An alternate method to enter the Skylanders Trap Team Frito-Lay High Five contest is to call toll-free 1-866-861-4528 and follow the prompts.

Head on over to to see the official rules.

Here’s the official bio for High Five as written by promotion winner Phylicia Nakamoto, “High Five is one of the most skilled sky racers of all the dragonflies.  But as the fifth son of the Royal High Flying Dragonflies, he was not allowed to enter any of the racing tournaments that took place each year because of his age.  Instead, he was forced to watch from the sidelines as his four older brothers competed for the coveted Trophy of Sparx, which legend has said holds magical properties.  One year, during the biggest racing event of the season, High Five learned that the Troll Racing Team had stolen the valuable trophy and were going to use the race to cover their escape.  He quickly took action, jumping into the race and using his amazing flying skills to weave and dodge his way to the front of the pack, where he caught up to the trolls and brought them down.  For his actions, High Five was given the Trophy of Sparx.  Even more importantly, he was made a Skylander, where he now helps protect Skylands from any evildoers.”

Skylanders Trap Team makes its retail debut on October 5 in North America.

Skylanders Trap Team High Five contest

Skylanders Trap Team High Five

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