The Agency for PS3 Screens, Facts & Concept Art

Sony Online Entertainment’s The Agency is an intriguing upcoming game that will merge the fast-paced excitement of shooters with the persistent world of a massive multiplayer online environment.

The Agency will offer players the opportunity to follow a campaign with friends or jump in and start shooting people. You can choose between agent and mercenary, each requiring collecting skills and equipment to access new areas and objectives.

Computer-controlled operatives varying in skill are crucial to completing missions. They never rest and can even be traded amongst players.

What makes The Agency live up to its name is the ability for players to create their own agency by recruiting members, and even joining with other agencies to build powerful organizations.

Below you can check out a ton of new The Agency screens and concept art for guns, locations and characters. The Agency’s release date is still undated for its eventual release exclusively on PS3 and the PC where players on either platform will interact within the same world.

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