8 New Madden NFL 09 PS3, Xbox 360 Screens; New Features

Electronics Arts has released 8 all-new screenshots from the upcoming Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 version of Madden NFL 09.

In addition, they’ve dished the dirt on a pair of new features: BackTrack and the Virtual Training Center.

BackTrack is described as a “…new replay learning tool imbedded within the game that dissects plays and shows the player what they should have done in certain circumstances. When a mistake is made, Cris Collinsworth will breakdown where the user went wrong and what they could have done better. For advanced players, BackTrack will give more technical information such as the play calls that were made and the success rates of the play.”

That actually sounds like a great feature, if it’s designed and implemented well. The Virtual Training Center is described as “…a new interactive tutorial mode, set in a holographic environment that aims at teaching gamers fundamental concepts about football strategy and how to use the controls in quick, fun and stylized drills. After players complete these drills, a Madden IQ score is given, and their My Skills difficulty settings are automatically set based on their strengths and weaknesses. Throughout their Madden NFL career, the all-new Adaptive Difficulty Engine will continually tailor the difficulty settings as the gamers” Madden IQ score evolves.”

Again, this sounds great, but the proof will be in the execution. We’ll find out soon enough when Madden hits stores on August 12.

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