Halo 4 Limited Edition In Stock at Amazon

Microsoft’s Halo 4 Limited Edition is back in stock at Amazon.com at a price of $99.99. If history is any indication these won’t last long as it sold out swiftly in pre-orders before the game launched. Halo 4 Limited Edition includes… Read More

Halo: Reach “Noble Pack” DLC Review

With over 6 million copies sold worldwide since Halo: Reach’s launch in September, Bungie and Microsoft aim to keep gamers interest burning this holiday season with new multiplayer mayhem. There was a minor free update a few weeks after… Read More

See the Halo Reach E3 Trailer

I have to admit that the first two-thirds of Bungie and Microsoft’s Halo Reach Xbox 360 E3 trailer had me concerned. Watching Noble Team penetrate a (presumably) UNSC installation felt too familiar to the four Halo games preceding it.… Read More