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Syfy Films to Produce 2 Movies Per Year

Syfy and parent company Universal have announced the formation of a new company, Syfy Films, that will produce, distribute and market 2 new films theatrically each year. The Syfy-branded films will be in the same genres as shows appearing… Read More

Bollywood Robot Trailer is Pretty Nuts

The new Bollywood film Enthiran (a.k.a. Robot to us Yankees) is the most expensive movie ever produced in India with an estimated cost of around $32.5 million. And at least half of that budget is said to be dedicated to the film’s special… Read More

Warehouse 13 Season 2 Premiere Preview

Syfy’s offbeat original series Warehouse 13 is about to enjoy its season two premiere of what could be many more seasons to come. You see, Warehouse 13 is Syfy’s most successful series every after only a single season by registering… Read More