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Nintendo to Cut 3DS Price to $169 in August

Nintendo will dramatically slashed the price of its new 3DS handheld gaming console to $169.99 on August 12 following sluggish sales since it was introduced earlier this year. In addition, a new program is being instituted for those who paid… Read More

Optimism Prevails: Part Five of Wii U Week

A week ago I talked about my initial reaction to Nintendo’s unveiling of Wii U at E3 as being one of skepticism and disappointment when this series of Wii U-related articles kicked off. In the time between the E3 unveiling, a hands-on demonstration… Read More

Super Mario Bros. Controlled by Kinect

With Kinect for Xbox 360 usable on a PC via OpenKinect, it was only a matter of time before someone with a lot of time put the motion-control peripheral to use on a video game where everyone knows its name. A game starring a pudgy Italian plumber.… Read More