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Fast Five Movie Prize Pack Giveaway

 Contest has closed.  Fast Five is almost here and will take the Fast and Furious franchise into a new direction when it arrives in theaters on April 29. Thanks to Universal, I have 5 sets of Fast Five swag that will each be given a new home in this contest. Each of 5 winners… Read More

Fast Five Will Open on Record 245 IMAX Screens

Fast Five, the fifth film in the Fast and Furious franchise, is already off to a fast start overseas. It topped Marvel’s Thor in Australia and is poised to leave skid marks on the competition when it opens in North America this upcoming… Read More

Fast Five Theatrical Poster is a Blur

Universal debuted the first theatrical poster for Fast Five tonight at IGN tonight and I think you’ll agree with me that it’s underwhelming. The poster is comprised of mostly sky with blurry speeding cars driven by Paul Walker… Read More

Watch the Fast Five Trailer in HD

The first trailer for Fast Five hit earlier today in an orthodox manner when Vin Diesel personally uploaded it to his Facebook profile page. He’s not only a bona fide international star, but an Internet marketing and public relations… Read More