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Jaws Blu-ray Trailer Swims Onto Your Computer

One of the most anticipated Blu-ray releases in the second half of this year is the debut of Steven Spielberg’s Jaws from Universal Home Entertainment. Jaws has sat up near the top of the most-requested Blu-rays for many years, and finally… Read More

E.T. and Jaws Blu-ray Promotional Flier

This year Universal Studios is celebrating their 100th anniversary. As part of the celebration, many high profile films from the studio that have not made their way to Blu-ray will be doing so over the course of the year. Two of the biggest, Steven… Read More

Fishy Piranha 3D Trailer Emerges

The first full trailer for Alexandre Aja’s Piranha 3D has emerged with plenty of clean looks at the prehistoric fish with unusually large teeth and even bigger appetites. Shot in and around Lake Havasu, Arizona, Piranha 3D tells the… Read More