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Re-Animator Blu-ray Review

Re-Animator is a cult classic for a reason. It's a really, really good movie on a number of levels. It's wonderfully gory, extremely funny, and delightfully cheesy. It's the blueprint that so many horror-comedies try to build upon, and so…  Read More
out of 5

The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer Arrives

The official version of The Amazing Spider-Man trailer has showed up a little early on YouTube and is ready for you to watch it below. Marc Webb’s take on Spider-Man looks to be considerably darker than Sam Raimi’s version. You… Read More

Horror Giveaway: Hatchet and Evil Dead on Blu-ray

 Contest has closed.  Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead and Adam Green’s Hatchet debut on Blu-ray Disc August 31 and September 7, respectively, and we’ve teamed up with publisher Starz/Anchor Bay to offer one lucky horror fan reader the opportunity to… Read More