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Tank! Tank! Tank! Review: Destined to Tank

Tank! Tank! Tank! offers a straightforward tanks versus mechanized monsters concept rife with potential, only to squander it by dumbfounding controls and a progression scheme that abuses "been there, done that" like a pigeon dropping poop. It's simplistic, even for…  Read More
out of 5

Soul Calibur V Character Creator Trailer

Soul Calibur 5 will invite players to build their own creatively imagined fighters to take on the game’s greats. With the new Character Creator tool, they’ll be able to get as serious or goofy as they want. Namco Bandai has released… Read More

Third Party Support: Part Three of Wii U Week

One of the biggest knocks against Nintendo over the past two decades has always been the lack of third-party support on their home video game consoles. Just look at the Wii; it’s a souped up GameCube with fancy motion controls that helped… Read More

Inversion Cinematic Trailer and Release Date

The first trailer for Namco Bandai’s gravity-challenged third-person shooter Inversion from developer Saber Interactive has arrived. There’s no actual gameplay in the cinematic trailer, but you do get an idea of how the game… Read More