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The Beaver Blu-ray Review

It's truly a shame that The Beaver, thanks to some very bad publicity via Mel Gibson's unfortunate public meltdown, almost never saw the light of day. Not only is it a very strong film regarding the human psyche and its…  Read More
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Mad Max Fury Road to Shoot in January 2012

George Miller is having a heck of a time getting Mad Max back behind the wheel. The director was all set to begin shooting Mad Max: Fury Road, what would be the fourth film in the franchise that launched Mel Gibson’s career, when torrential… Read More

Lethal Weapon Reboot Moving Forward at Warner

Years of scheduling conflicts and more recently the poor behavior and public image deterioration of Mel Gibson has Warner Bros. scrapping plans for a Lethal Weapon 5 and moving forward to reboot the film series with an all-new cast. Per Deadline,… Read More

The Beaver Trailer With Mel Gibson Debuts

The first trailer for Summit Entertainment and director/actress Jodie Foster’s The Beaver starring Mel Gibson has arrived and will leave you feeling either inspired or completely creeped out. The film follows Walter Black (Gibson)… Read More