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The Grey Blu-ray Review with D-BOX

There have been many instances in which the 'Man vs. Nature' genre of film has had difficulty in striking balance. Some movies provide the visceral reality of being face to face with the wild but lack any humanity. Others have…  Read More
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The Grey Blu-ray Release Date and Details

The box office hit The Grey starring Liam Neeson will stalk a new audience on May 22, the release date the studio has chosen to debut the film on Blu-ray and DVD. Director Joe Carnahan’s The Grey took the box office by storm for Open Road Films,… Read More

The Grey Red Band Trailer Splits Heads Open

A new red band for Joe Carnahan’s cold weather thriller The Grey has hit, and offers the best – and most gory – look at what Liam Neeson and his fellow survivors are up against. The Grey follows a group of oil-rig workers who… Read More

10 The A-Team Movie High-Res Images

The A-Team is one of two films opening this weekend fueled by 1980s nostalgia. I saw the film last night and it was a blast. A bigger, louder and funnier contemporary version of the original television show with a spot-on cast that finds instant… Read More