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Syfy’s Caprica is Canceled

Today Syfy officially pulled the plug on Caprica and showrunners’ Ron Moore and David Eick’s elaborate plans for a second season, ending one of the more bizarre runs of a television show in recent memory. Adding insult to injury… Read More

Caprica ‘Gravedancing’ Sneak Peeks

Syfy has released a pair of new clips for the third episode of Caprica, ‘Gravedancing,’ set to premiere tomorrow night. The term “gravedancing” is directly referenced in the second clip below. In a show whose every… Read More

Wanna See 8 Caprica Clips?

With Battlestar Galactica having rode off into the sunset our sci-fi attention has turned squarely to next month’s release of Ron Moore’s Caprica. The two-hour pilot for the prequel show to Battlestar Galactica debuts on DVD… Read More