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Contest: Win Three Best Picture Winners on Blu-ray

 Contest has closed.  The Academy Award nominations have arrived signaling that awards season is in full swing. There once was a time when far fewer films were nominated for Best Picture. Thanks to Warner Home Video, two of you will take home three of those past winners… Read More

Straw Dogs (2011) Blu-ray Review

This past year's remake of Straw Dogs accomplishes what few remakes can: It visits new territory while remaining respectful of its predecessor. Everything from the low-key score to the sparse, simple shot selections could easily have been at home in…  Read More
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Johnny Depp Vamps Out in Dark Shadows Set Images

The first images of Johnny Depp on the England set of Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows are here courtesy of the paparazzi. And, as sought after by Depp fans, depict the actor all vamped up. These images of Depp as the vampire Barnabas are already… Read More

Straw Dogs Blu-ray Review

1971's Straw Dogs reminds us that there's more than one kind of impotence that can make a man small and helpless. Fear can render a man impotent. It isn't necessarily the fear of being hurt or the fear of failure…  Read More
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