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Alien: Isolation E3 Trailer Sets the Mood

Sega have themselves one of the surprises of E3 2014 with thier second big attempt at capturing the Alien film franchise in a videogame. Alien: Isolation is the antithesis of Aliens: Colonial Marines. Whereas the first game was more of a generic… Read More

Third Party Support: Part Three of Wii U Week

One of the biggest knocks against Nintendo over the past two decades has always been the lack of third-party support on their home video game consoles. Just look at the Wii; it’s a souped up GameCube with fancy motion controls that helped… Read More

New Ghostbusters PS3, Xbox 360 Screens

There are two games based on 80s movies I’m dying to get my hands on. The first is Aliens: Colonial Marines which has been in development at Gearbox for seemingly ages. The second is Ghostbusters, the former Activision title sold to Atari… Read More