The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 204 ‘Cherokee Rose’ Review

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 204 Cherokee Rose ReviewAfter watching Shane make a life or death decision in last week’s episode of The Walking Dead and then cover it up by shaving his head, it quickly became clear during a eulogy for Otis in ‘Cherokee Rose’ that the man has officially lost his mind. Later on, he talks to Andrea and Carol about a switch that you have to flip when it comes to taking down an assailant.

Shane not only flipped that switch, but he ripped the whole unit out of the wall and haphazardly tossed it in the trash. Wearing Otis’ clothes isn’t helping either, as does the prospect that Shane is going to be a father (he’ll get that bit of news probably in next week’s episode). This is all setting the stage for Shane to completely go off the deep end and result in a difficult confrontation between him and Rick.

Could the pregnancy have been what Jenner whispered into Rick’s ear before going flambé in the CDC? It is possible that it is Rick’s kid given comments by Robert Kirkman after the episode aired, but it is more probable and creates more potential for conflict if it is Shane’s.

I’m hoping Lori lasts well into her pregnancy. It will be interesting to see how the group handles having her in the mix and possibly being forced to brandish a weapon while expecting. She finds out about her bun in the oven thanks to the pregnancy test she had they’re “Go to go to town guy” Glenn get while he went into town for supplies with the farmer’s daughter, Maggie.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 204 Cherokee Rose Review

Since he saw her ride in valiantly and sweep Lori off into the sunset, there has been this come hither flirtation between Maggie and Glenn, at least from his perspective. Covering up what Lori discreetly asked him to obtain, Glenn grabs a box of whatever was handy when Maggie comes up to him inside the Pharmacy. It so happens to be a box of condoms. Some smooth banter from Maggie met with some stammers and “aw shucks” from Glenn led to my personal favorite character getting his fast on his feet freak on. Good for him, and good for Maggie. They both seemed to need some intimacy, maybe more Maggie than Glenn based on her aggressiveness.

Darryl continued the search for Sophia and seemed to find some signs of life in an old house in the middle of a small clearing. Some freshly eaten sardines and a makeshift bed in a closet led him to keep at least a smidgen of faith that Sophia is still alive.

Leaving the house, Daryl grabs a Cherokee Rose to give to Carol back at the RV. His heartfelt story about how it got its name and why he brought it shows, again, why Darryl has become the fan favorite of the show after being one of the most reviled in Season 1.

I’m starting to have more and more faith that they are going to find Sophia. I don’t know how long she’s going to last after that, but there will be a tearful reunion of some sorts between mother and daughter, and probably soon.

Back at the farm, Hershel lays down the law with Rick, at first saying that him and his people need to leave as soon as Carl is ready to leave, but later relents as long as they abide by his rules. I don’t think that’s going to happen, especially with loose cannon Shane in the mix. I do like having Hershel there, giving Rick some hope and an alternative thought process to what is happening around them.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 204 Cherokee Rose Review

The gross out moment came as the gang tried to pull up a water logged Walker (referred to as a Swimmer) from a well that was feeding the cattle on the property. They have the brilliant idea of dangling Glenn down the well to drop a noose around the beastie, and of course it goes on perfectly smooth without any hiccups. Actually, the pump breaks, Glenn drops within the Walker’s grasp, and a frantic tug of war goes on trying to save Glenn’s life. They get Glenn up and assume they have to start over again, which leads Glenn to give kind of a bad ass response: “So says you.”

They hoist the zombified sponge up, but it gets stuck halfway out of the well. Something’s got to give, and it turns out that something is the lower region of the Walker, which rips off, and blood and guts splash into the well below. So much for saving the well, but the event did offer some gore to an otherwise clean episode.

Overall, ‘Cherokee Rose’ was solid, if slow, with some tense moments and spot on dramatic writing. If Jenner did tell Rick that Lori was pregnant, and she tells him, how will she react when he says that he already knows? What about Shane? What about Carl? And where’s Merle? So many questions still remain, more are popping up, and still that overlying sense of dread and hopelessness lingers no matter where they turn.

– James Zappie

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