Wild Lindsay Lohan Superman Reboot Role Rumor

Of all the gifted and talented young actresses in the world without a rap sheet you’d think Zack Snyder and Warner Bros. would look at any one other than troubled Lindsay Lohan for a featured role in their upcoming Superman reboot film.

A source close to Lohan (her mother spreading nonsense?) has reportedly told TMZ that Lohan’s people have had multiple conversations with Warner Bros. over the past few weeks and expect to have a face-to-face with “Superman people” in the coming days about a major female role that is not Lois Lane. They also claim Lohan is “dying to show people how talented she is” after being the butt of celebrity trainwreck jokes for as long as most people can remember.

This gem comes right as Lindsay is being accused with yet another crime, the theft of a rather expensive piece of jewelry. She of course claims the jewelry was being borrowed; however, a separate TMZ report suggests a formal grand theft felony charge will be hammered down upon her tomorrow.

Don’t expect Lohan to be getting any callbacks with that hanging over her head.

This mysterious female role has been percolating in the news for a couple weeks now. Diane Kruger was reportedly in the running for it until she personally shot that rumor down before it could get off the ground. Shortly thereafter Latino Review reported the role is for Ursa, one of General Zod’s crew, but no mention or confirmation has been heard or made since.

As of today the only confirmed cast member for the Superman reboot film remains Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel himself. Please try to wash the thought of Lindsay Lohan joining him from your mind.

Source: TMZ

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