Weekend Box Office Prophet Game Results: October 30 – November 1

The Prophet made two critical errors in this past round of the Weekend Box Office Prophet game that cost him dearly.

First, he did not believe Michael Jackson fans would have shown up in force for the Wednesday and Thursday showings. They did, and it had a negative effect on the weekend as many had already seen the film. Second, he forgot about a little celebration called Halloween which kept many from theaters in favor of parties and trick-or-treating.

The results was the Prophet missing Michael Jackson’s This Is It by an astronomical $28 million en route to his worst finish yet. Even though the Prophet was closer to Saw VI, Law Abiding Citizen and Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant than the average player score which normally means no prize, a prize will still be awarded to Beefncheddar for placing first in their second round participating and for the Prophet’s abysmal overall performance. Another round of applause goes out to all the players whose combined average score was spot on perfect for Paranormal Activity.

Look for the next round of the Weekend Box Office Prophet game to go live on Tuesday, November 3.

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