Watch Sherlock Season 3 Online ‘The Empty Hearse’ PBS Masterpiece

BBC’s Sherlock Season 3 finally premieres tonight in the USA as the first of three two-hour long episodes titled ‘The Empty Hearse’ kicks off another six hours of Sherlock sleuthing. Watch Sherlock Season 3 premiere online free live streaming on PBS Masterpiece tonight to see Sherlock and Watson reunited, though not necessarily on the same page. Beware minor spoilers to follow.

The arrival of new Sherlock episodes has taken two years to materialize following the apparent death of Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) in ‘The Reichenbach Fall.’ The gap between that Season 2 finale and tonight’s Season 3 premiere is close to real-time as two years have passed with no signs of Sherlock to be found and Watson (Martin Freeman) learning to live without his friend.

Sherlock wouldn’t be a show without Sherlock, so of course the master investigator faked his own death. He will come back into the fold as a new terrorist plot against London has surfaced, and when he does return, it will be with all the theatricality that one would expect.

Tonight’s episode will begin where ‘The Reichenbach Fall’ left off as scenes for the Season 3 premiere were filmed during the same time the Season 2 finale was. Those scenes are crucial as they reveal how Sherlock got away with the misdirection that faked his own death. You will have to watch Sherlock Season 3 ‘The Empty Hearse’ online streaming live free on PBS Masterpiece tonight to find out how Sherlock pulled it off.

The official synopsis for tonight’s return of Sherlock reads, “Sherlock is not dead: this much we know. But how did he survive his leap off the roof of St. Bart’s Hospital? There are many theories, but none of them matter to John Watson, who is less concerned with how his friend survived than with why his friend didn’t let him know he was alive. Sherlock returns to London with an assignment (stop an impending terrorist attack on the city) and a plan (restore the old Sherlock-John partnership). When he finds that his brother Mycroft’s warning that John has moved on with his life is true, will Sherlock have to accept a new reality and a new partner?”

Tonight’s big Sherlock Season 3 premiere of Episode 1 ‘The Empty Hearse’ will start at 9:58pm EST / 6:58pm PST on PBS Masterpiece theater immediately following Downton Abbey. Check your local listings to determine what channel PBS is where you live so you can watch the Sherlock premiere in HD tonight on your TV. You can also watch tonight’s Sherlock Season 3 premiere live or via a replay here at the official PBS website on phones, iPads, computers and more, as well as stream past and current Sherlock episodes at

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