Warm Bodies Trailer Gives Zombies Reason to Live

Warm Bodies Trailer Gives Zombies Reason to LiveThe first trailer for Warm Bodies stitches together the unlikely pairing of zombie apocalypse and romantic comedy into a love conquers all premise with a side of freshly munched flesh for good measure.

Warm Bodies is the tale of a lonely zombie (Nicholas Hoult, X-Men: First Class) relegated to shuffle along aimlessly like the countless others like him infected by a mysterious virus. He kind of has a best friend zombie (Rob Corddry), but not really. Still, the brief glance they share at a bar of all places suggest that these zombies have not had their humanity and heart entirely stripped away just yet.

Enter Teresa Palmer’s (I Am Number Four) character, a zombie slayer who gets Hoult’s heart pumping – literally. The more these two connect, the more human Hoult becomes. Yay for Huey Lewis and the Power of Love, zombie apocalypse style.

Even though Warm Bodies is technically a romantic comedy, you can’t have a zombie apocalypse with “healing” zombies unless there are bad guys. In this case the nemesis is twofold. First, there’s Palmer’s dad played by omnipresent John Malkovich. He is naturally the head honcho when it comes to zombie extermination and will likely have a change of “heart” when his daughter is willing to give her life to save Hoult’s. Just a guess.

There are also fleshless CGI zombies that are beyond return. They munch on humans like regular zombies do, but will also munch on anything else that has flesh – including more recently turned zombies. These creepers provide some action in an otherwise sappy affair.

Warm Bodies hits theaters on February 1, 2013.

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