Twilight Game is Fan Fantasy

Twilight fans were all atwitter earlier this week when a website appeared promoting Twilight: The Video Game that could potentially cover Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

When I visited the site a couple glaring red flags went up right off the bat. First of all, games licensed from studios to be based on films always utilize the same branding as their theatrical counterparts i.e. fonts, colors, talent, etc. This site does not. There is also no copyright mention, studio names or anything “official” other than the name of a development house, BrainJunk Studios, who no one has ever heard of before.

At the time, the most important page on the site, the FAQ, was not yet launched. Now it has, and the truth is out there.

The team putting this game together are in fact students and hardcore Twilight fans. They are making the game for fun thinking that when it is “of the highest quality,” Summit Entertainment will buy it and publish it.

Wishful thinking on their behalf.

All they’ve done is given Summit the idea to develop an official game which, for all we know, may have been in development for some time already. We’ve seen this scenario play out already with Ghostbusters. An unofficial trailer hit the web, fans went wild, and then an official game was developed elsewhere.

As far as Twilight: The Video Game goes, there’s nothing official happening that has gone public. At least not yet.

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