Tron Sequel Has a Name and a Lead Actor

Disney has found their lead for the upcoming Tron sequel after an exhaustive search that tested up-and-comers and big name actors alike.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, winning the sweepstakes to star in the $150 million sequel is Garrett Hedlund. To date the relatively unknown actor has appeared in supporting roles in Troy, Eragon, Georgia Rule, Friday Night Lights and Four Brothers. If the Tron sequel turns into gold then Garrett’s stock is likely to score him more leading roles.

Notice I’ve been calling the film the Tron sequel and not Tron 2.0 or Tr2n, other names that have been tossed around media outlets for several years now. THR is also reporting Disney has settled on simply “Tron” for the sequel. I have a hard time imagining the sequel and original will have the exact same name but stranger things have happened.

Garrett joins House’s Olivia Wilde and Beau Garret as cast in the film, along with Jeff Bridges who is reprising his role as Flynn.

The latest synopsis has Garrett being sucked into a computer where he must retrace the steps of Flynn, a software giant CEO who may have been taken hostage by the MCP.

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