Tomb Raider: Underworld Gold Relic Locations

In Tomb Raider: Underworld there are gold relics hidden away that you can optionally collect as you make your way through the game.

Each level, sans the prologue, includes one relic so since there are six levels, there are six relics.

While finding the relics is entirely optional in terms of completing the game, there is a benefit to unlocking their power. The collection of each relic permanently increases Lara’s health bar and restores her current health to its maximum.

Finding all six relics in their secret locations will exactly double Lara’s overall health. This feat won’t help much in your current game but is quite important if you feel the need to tackle the Master Survivalist difficulty setting.

Use this text with accompanying video guide to locate all the hidden relics in Tomb Raider: Underworld on Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii.

1. Mediterranean Sea Relic
Location: Kraken Upper Level
There is a ledge right above the entrance to the Kraken room. Jump up on this ledge and you’ll be able to reach a platform just above it. Once on the platform, turn right and perform a running jump to the ledge on the far side. After crawling under some large rock rubble you’ll find the relic located to the left.

2. Coastal Thailand Relic
Location: Map Room
The relic is hidden behind the left shoulder of the Thor statue. The key to reaching it is pulling the bridge counter-clockwise to its limit, then using it to jump up and get the relic.

3. Croft Manor Relic
Location: Chapel
It is important to go after this relic before completing the Chapel Door puzzle. Go back to the first passageway you traversed and place two blocks on the pressure plate. A metal grate near the ground on the wall will open behind you, and inside it is the relic.

4. Southern Mexico Relic
Location: Jormungandr’s Pool
Use the grapple to return Thor’s hammer to where you first found it once obtaining Thor’s belt. You can then jump on top of the hammer and easily pluck the relic from Thor’s right eye.

5. Jan Mayan Island Relic
Location: Valhalla Tunnels, Maze Beyond the Gate of the Dead
A toughter relic that requires triggering a gate by sliding a pole down and then racing on your bike to the intersection in front of the Gate of the Dead, going straight, hanging a left and making it under the gate before it shuts. The relic is easy to spot in this room.

6. Arctic Sea Relic
Lccation: Helheim
You’ll need to be fleet of foot to get this relic. It requires activating timed symbols scattered about the huge room which, when all are turned on, stops the waterfall to reveal a hidden room holding the relic. It is accessed using the grapple and a ring. Note: try to leave the symbol closest to the waterfall for last so time doesn’t run out before you can grab the relic.

Good luck, relic hunters.

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