Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas screenshots

The first glimpse of Ubisoft’s recently announced Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas depicts a much more detailed Team Rainbow working their way through the bright lights of Sin City. Colors are all over the palette in both indoor and outdoor locales that have the potential to be huge areas to hunt terrorists.

What we’re hoping for is a true evolution in the series and not just a prettier game on the surface. Even if Vegas has been taken hostage there should be some people running around panicked or hold up in any of a number of seedy or VIP back rooms. We’ve played enough walking through empty spaces shooting at anything that moves. Let’s see some tourists thrown in to up the ante and put pressure on the button smashers to be more deliberate with their actions.

Be sure to check out newsstands next week for the April issue of EGM that promises to shed some light on what happens in Vegas.

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