‘TimeShift’ Developer Q/A

Ben Serviss of Saber Interactive, the developer behind Sierra’s upcoming shooter TimeShift, recently answered this community question and answer sessions. We’ve streamlined the questions to those that pertain to the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 version.

Q: Can you operate ground and/or air vehicles in TimeShift?

Yes ” throughout the single player campaign you’ll have access to the Quad ATV, and on certain missions you’ll board a massive zeppelin to take down enemy threats from the sky.

Q: Can you destroy the bigger threats like the large robots?

As you’ll quickly find out, Krone is sending everything in his army to wipe you out of existence ” and while his forces are powerful, nothing is invulnerable with time on your side.

Q: Are there more sophisticated route finding puzzles than seen in the demo involving use of time effects?

The puzzles shown in the demo are just a taste of what you can expect in the full single player campaign. Be prepared to make use of time in ways you’ve never dreamed of!

Q: How big is the time bubble the multiplayer time grenades create?

Bubbles from the time grenades are large enough to encapsulate a fleeing opponent or two, depending on your accuracy throwing the grenade. Of course, you can add the Athletic modifier to the match to increase everyone’s speed for a real challenge.

Q: Most of the paths seem linear and scripted. Other than the method you use to complete an area, is there any open-endedness, such as varied paths or routes?

Absolutely. The single player levels are built based on a node design, where we channel the player to each battlefield. In several occasions, there are multiple ways to gain access to the next central area that are up to the player to discover.

Q: Are there any unlockables in the TimeShift single player campaign like art work, videos or weapons?

Aside from the Achievements available in the Xbox 360 version of the game, we do have an unlockables menu that rewards players for progressing through the game. Depending on the level, you can unlock concept art, the FMVs, and the complete soundtrack. We also have an exclusive multiplayer skin that’s only available if you preorder the game.

Q: How rich is the storyline? Is the player just going from one area to another and shooting up everything or are there nice storyline cutscenes and levels which are more of the exploration kind?

We’ve constructed TimeShift’s narrative so it permeates the game on every level. As you play, you’ll encounter cut-scenes that help fill in the gaps and provide more information about key characters, as well as witness in-game events that propel the story forward.

Q: Does the TimeShift single player campaign all occur in one location (example: Half Life) or is there a lot of traveling involved with a rich variety of locations (example: N.O.L.F.)?

The levels take place in a wide variety of locales, spanning decayed city streets, expansive valleys, weapons factories and more. However, all of the areas you’ll visit in the game are part of Krone’s alternate universe, so you expect the unexpected at every turn.

Q: Is the character all by himself, or does he interact with others, like being a special unit of an organization?

As the game starts, you find yourself allied with the underground resistance to Krone’s rule. A good portion of the missions have you battling alongside allied insurgents called Occupants; however you are the only combatant on your side who has powers over time.

Q: What are the character’s physical abilities? Which moves can he make?

Besides your character’s unusual proficiency with firearms, you can wield each weapon you find as a blunt object to bash enemies. What’s more, when using any of the time powers like Time Slow, Time Stop and Time Reverse, you’ll be able to move freely around the environment at a much greater speed than your enemies, granting you ultra-fast movement.

Q: Can you customize your character’s look and load out in multiplayer TimeShift?

Yes! In setting up your character, you can select from over 30 skins and infinite shades of colors. You can also adjust what weapons are available in a given match by creating a new preset and tweaking the load-outs, in addition to the myriad of options you can customize.

Q: How many multiplayer maps are included in TimeShift?

You can choose from the 14 available maps upon release, with more multiplayer arenas in the pipeline for download at a later date.

Q: Will we be able to change the voice of the announcer in multiplayer? I mean I think the announcer they have now sounds cool but I actually like the sound of the childlike voice of the single player.

Yes! In the multiplayer options screen, you can specify which multiplayer announcer you want to call your game.

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