The Hunger Games Poster Reveals Katniss Ready in the Arena

The Hunger Games Poster Reveals Katniss Standing in ArenaLionsgate celebrated 100 days until the theatrical release of The Hunger Games today by releasing a new theatrical one-sheet poster in a most unconventional manner.

Earlier today, Lionsgate broke the poster into 100 puzzle pieces and distributed the pieces to a collection of websites. The websites were then instructed to tweet that they had a piece with the hashtag #HungerGames100 and share the piece on their website.

Hardcore fans scrambled throughout the morning to piece together the puzzle and ultimately the poster. Thankfully Lionsgate went ahead and released a clean version of the poster later on the day, ready for you to view below.

The Hunger Games features Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) standing in the Capitol Arena, flanked by spectators on either side. The now famous flaming logo is above her, while repeating banners (screens) of her and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) line either side of the main walkway.

The poster’s tagline is “The World Will Be Watching,” referencing both how the deadly games are televised in the film and Lionsgate’s desire for everyone to watch the movie.

Look for The Hunger Games starring Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth to do big business when it arrives in theaters on March 23.

The Hunger Games Poster Reveals Katniss Standing in Arena

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