Skylanders Shortage Addressed; New Skylanders in Stores This Month

Skylanders Shortage Addressed; New Skylanders in Stores This MonthSingle pack Skylanders figures playable on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii, PC and 3DS have been almost impossible to find since stores were cleaned out in the rush for Christmas gifts. The shortage, which Activision CEO Bobby Kotick warned of back on November 28, has left many new Skylanders as of Christmas unable to build out their Elemental groups or collect them all.

Retailers have felt the shortage as well with big gaping holes were Skylanders once proudly hung on the pegs. The interactive store demos are useless without a Skylander figure to use them with. One Target employee told me that over half the phone calls to the electronics section since Christmas have asked when new single pack Skylanders will be available.

Activision took to Facebook last week, acknowledged the shortage, and said that they’re working hard to get more of the little guys into stores. In a q/a, they confirmed that Cynder, Whirlwind (currently an impossible to find Target exclusive) and the Empire of Ice Adventure Pack with Slam Bam are coming to stores across the globe later this month. Double Trouble is also expected to ship in this wave. No indication has been given as to which other previously released single pack Skylanders they will ship with, but Whirlwind, Double Trouble and Drill Sergeant (currently a Walmart exclusive) will be released in a three-pack that was up for pre-order at but has already been removed.

The q/a also addressed a potential Skylanders sequel by saying “Activision has not yet announced plans to release a sequel.” With Toy Fair coming next month and the game originally being announced at the convention last year, we could be hearing about the continuation of Skylanders in another adventure sooner rather than later.

Check out a new extended Slam Bam trailer that previews Empire of Ice, as well as some Empire of Ice card artwork, below.

Skylanders Shortage Addressed; New Skylanders in Stores This Month

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