SEGA Releases Virtua Fighter 5 Xbox 360 Patch and FAQ

SEGA has announced a new patch for the Xbox 360 version of Virtua Fighter 5 is now available for free download via Xbox Live Marketplace. The patch was created to address a number of gameplay issues, as well as provide some small enhancements to spruce up the experience.

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A complete list of patch enhancements, followed by an FAQ sure to answer your burning questions, is below.

  • Some characters will now be able to equip select costume-specific pants in alternate costumes, for example equipping Costume A pants in Costume B.
  • Replays of online battles can now be saved
  • Rematches in Online VS. Player Matches now possible even when the players haven’t added their opponent to their friend list
  • One additional item per character (appear as “Downloaded item” in Costume settings/Item edit dialog)
  • Gamer pictures will now be shown in online battles
  • After winning the World Tournament Final, it’s now more likely that rivals you have not defeated will be playing in arcades
  • When someone joins an online match, you can now see their connection quality
  • Various fixes for minor bugs, including a texture bug
  • Easier sorting of rankings


Will SEGA be making any changes to Virtua Fighter 5 Xbox 360?

In the January 2008 Title Update, we added many of the features that we hoped to have in the original release. There are no plans for further updates at this time.

Will online play be added for the PS3 release?

As the PS3 release was a launch title, the specifications for online title updates were not yet finalized and we were unable to include it in the title. Unfortunately, that means that releasing an online update enabling online VS play is not possible.

Why are there no penalties for people who pull their cable in Ranked Matches to disconnect and prevent a loss in the Xbox 360 release?

There is in fact a significant penalty for those who disconnect during a Ranked Match. If you disconnect, experience points you’re saved to reach the next level of online play rank (1st dan, Gladiator, etc.) are significantly reduced.

Moreover, leaderboard rankings are based on total points. This includes a point for a loss. So those disconnecting are ultimately harming their standing on the leaderboards.

Why did SEGA release DLC on the Xbox 360 game disc?

Dozens of new items were added to the Xbox 360 release, and only a handful of them require a download. The downloadable items would not have been included in the game if they were not selected to be downloadable, and including them on the disc was the only possible delivery mechanism that could be implemented within the development schedule.

If they were not included on the disc, an online distribution item distribution method would have to be created to allow players who didn’t download the items to view the items on their opponents who had them equipped.

SEGA’s goal with the downloadable content was to measure the level of interest in downloadable content, so that we could take it into account for future products.

Is SEGA planning to release some of the cool Japanese version C outfits as DLC for Virtua Fighter 5 for Xbox 360?

The DLC is complete as of Item Pack 3. There are no further plans for DLC at this time.

Why is there no spectator mode in online play for Virtua Fighter 5 for the Xbox 360?

SEGA’s goal was to concentrate on the core gameplay and make the best, lowest latency, online gameplay possible. Spectator mode and other additional online features can add to latency in online play.

Why is feature “X” not in the game? (For example, why is there no record / playback feature in the DOJO mode?)

We always have to balance the possible feature set versus the title’s schedule and development resources. Sometimes decisions on what to cut and what to leave in are difficult and painful. We are always listening to our user base, and all feedback will be taken into account for future titles.

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