See the Thor Set Footage That Reveals Asgard and Odin

Marvel has begun to slowly turn the Thor faucet and let glimpses of the upcoming film trickle out after months and months of secrecy. First we got a spy picture of the Destroyer, then a headshot of Chris Hemsworth as Thor and lastly concept art for the full Thor costume. Now we get our first look at the world Thor hails from as well as definitive proof the concept art was right on the money.

Entertainment Tonight has run what is likely the first of several behind-the-scenes Thor pieces based off a set visit they attended during shooting in New Mexico. Much of the four-minute plus piece focuses on Hemsworth, Natalie Portman and director Kenneth Branaugh talking about buff Chris has become for the role. Sprinkled in amongst the candid chatter are a few first looks at the film that will grab your attention.

Watch the video first, then scroll below for screen grabs and explanations of “the good stuff.”

Looks like Thor is going to be on the run in civilian clothes. A taste of The Incredible Hulk, perhaps?

Here we get not only our first look at Thor holding the mighty Mjolnir hammer, but also of Asgard. CGI will likely extend the set much higher but you can clearly see they’ve built a lot of it as a practical set. Mjolnir is a little tougher to pick out so focus on his right hand which holds the hammer facing the camera.

The next two images reveal Anthony Hopkins as Odin, Thor’s daddy. He looks sad here, probably more from something happening in the story than the irritation that massive eye piece must cause to his skin.

The final two images are up for debate but I’m guessing this is our first look at Idris Elba as Heimdall. This guy guards the Bifrost Bridge which acts as the gateway between Earth and Asgard. He might not get much screen time but he’ll look like a badass regardless.

Could more Thor reveals be just around the corner? Let’s hope so.

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